Uitnodiging NAP CONTACT MEETING - November 16th 2023

Uitnodiging NAP CONTACT MEETING - November 16th 2023

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Dear member,

The theme for the NAP contact meeting of November 16th is “The digital Plant of the Future”. 

After many meetings around the Energy Transition, NAP wants to zoom in on digitization. Digitization is all around us, in our daily lives, our projects, factories and offices. How can Asset Owners prepare for the digital future of their plants? How do EPC contractors cope with all the different systems during the execution and delivery of a project and how this relates to digital twins? 

NAP has invited two very interesting guest speakers Gé Driessen (Fluor) and Joep Verwegen (DSM-Firmenich) to elaborate on these matters. They are looking forward to share their thoughts and experiences with you.

We are looking forward to meet you at an interesting and interactive contact meeting on November 16th at Hotel Oud London in Zeist!

First presentation: Flexibility in data handling and relation to (execution) digital twin

Data requirements at project hand-over, but also during execution (progressive hand-over) increase. To remain competitive it is required to be flexible in a continuously changing tool and data environment. Gé Driessen (Fluor) will discuss with the NAP the use of data standards (internal and external) and Fluor’s internal data model (and development thereof). And how it is foreseen to cope with client systems and data requirements. Gé will also present how this relates to Digital Twins at Fluor.

Gé Driessen works as team leader at Fluor in Amsterdam. He is responsible for two departments, Project Systems & Data and Project Data & Document Management. Both departments support Fluor’s project portfolio of studies, FEED and EPC project. He is fascinated by the opportunities offered by data used and created during the project lifecycle. Together with his team he is continuously looking to add value for projects.

Second presentation:  The joint creation of a compelling vision on the digital plant of the future

DSM-Firmenich is a nutrition, health and beauty company with 100+ sites across the globe. This sites serve a wide range of different business segments, each with their own characteristics, while they also have challenges in common. In order to generate more value from the digital opportunities, a compelling vision of the Digital Plant of the Future was created together with a large group of representatives from different stakeholder groups. The process of how to come to such a vision and what the vision looks like, is what will be presented.

Joep Verwegen, Digital Manufacturing Lead at DSM-Firmenich, has broad experience in the Manufacturing Process Industry, combined with experience in Digital and Process Automation. He is currently leading the defining, deploying and securing of harmonized digital solutions across the different plants.

  Program 17h00 - 21h30
  17h15: Network drink
  18h30: Presentations and Dinner
  Board announcements by Frank van Ewijk, Chairman NAP 
  Presentation by Gé Driessen
  Presentation by Joep Verwegen
  21h30: End of contact meeting

You can participate by sending an e-mail to info@napnetwerk.nl

This will help us to organise the meeting.<<<Click here>>>

The meeting is in the English language.

We are looking forward to meet you at the NAP network meeting.

Oud London, Woudenbergseweg 52
3707 HX Zeist

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Kind regards,

ir. Jan-Willem Sanders
Stichting NAP
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Tel.: 033 - 247 34 60
E-mail: info@napnetwerk.nl
Website: www.napnetwerk.nl

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