Invitation NAP contact meeting "The Process Industry towards NetZero and full Circularity" February 29th 2024

Invitation NAP contact meeting "The Process Industry towards NetZero and full Circularity" February 29th 2024

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"The Process Industry towards NetZero and full Circularity" 

Dear member,

The theme for the NAP contact meeting of February 29th is “The Process Industry towards NetZero and full Circularity”. The contact meeting is at DSM Firmenich Delft.

The Energy transition remains an important topic on the NAP agenda. The challenges for the Industry are big, many initiatives and new technologies are transformed into practices, and many initiatives have to be taken. Therefor NAP has invited Loek Radix (Chemelot Executive Director) and Albert Lanser (Duiker Clean Technologies) as guest speakers. Loek Radix will present the developments and way forward at the highly integrated Chemelot site in Limburg, focusing on feedstock, productflows and circularity. Albert Lanser will dive into the SCO Technology of Duiker and how this technology can be applied in the energy transition to convert ammonia into hydrogen. They are looking forward to share their thoughts and experiences with you.

Before the start of the meeting Fedde Sonnema (Site Director DSM-Firmenich Delft) will provide an explanation of the Delft Site at the large scale model of the site. Fedde will also highlight the energy transition activities on the DSM-Firmenich site in Delft.

We are looking forward to meet you at an interesting and interactive contact meeting on February 29th at DSM Firmenich Delft.

First presentation: "Chemelot towards full circularity"

Chemelot is a highly integrated chemical site, which used to be 100% DSM. DSM divested its last plant last year, but the integration is still there. The integration is in energy, but more important in feedstock and product flows. The main challenge for Chemelot is replacing its fossil feedstock (natural gas and naphtha) by circular and biogenic sources. Because of its integration Chemelot is positioned very well to become the first European circular chemical site.

Loek Radix is Chemelot Executive Director. By education he is macro-economist. He has a 25 years history with DSM, where he left in 2012.

Second presentation: "Technology for Ammonia to Hydrogen Conversion"

Duiker Clean Technologies developed an ammonia combustion system for converting ammonia rich waste streams from refineries into valuable heat. This unique NH3 combustion technology has been named SCO (Stoichiometry Controlled Oxidation). SCO today also forms the core technology for new propositions in clean ammonia, which is considered as the new carbon free “hydrogen carrier” in the energy transition. In his presentation Albert Lanser will present the SCO technology itself and how it can applied in the energy transition such as the Ammonia to Hydrogen Conversion Technology, so called ammonia cracking. The technology for ammonia cracking paves the way for large scale import of clean ammonia from abroad, that can be easily converted into hydrogen.

Albert Lanser, Business development Director at Duiker Clean Technologies has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. Started as a Project Engineer at Duiker in 1990. As an Operations Manager he participated in a management by out of the Company in 2004 and thus also became a co-owner. Currently  Albert is involved in idea generation, concept developments and further commercial roll out of business propositions in existing and new markets.

  Program 17h00 - 21h30
  17h15: Network drink
  18h00: Introduction by Fedde Sonnema
Presentations and Dinner
  Board announcements by Frank van Ewijk, Chairman NAP 
  Presentation by Loek Radix
  Presentation by Albert Lanser
  21h30: End of contact meeting

You can participate by sending an e-mail to This will help us to organise the meeting.

If you are participating, you will receive a confirmation. In this confirmation you have to give permission to NAP to give your name and e-mail address to DSM-Firmenich, which is needed for the participants portal. It is good to be in time to get the visitor pass. A valid ID is also required to register. 

The meeting is in the English language.

We are looking forward to meet you at the NAP network meeting.
DSM Firmenich Delft (Biotech Campus: Alexander Fleminglaan 1, 2613 AX Delft).

Kind regards,

ir. Jan-Willem Sanders
Stichting NAP
Postbus 1058
Tel.: 033 - 247 34 60

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